To correct a gummy smile, we carry out soft tissue laser sculpting of the gum tissues. Also, where necessary, the underlying bone can be removed to create a healthier and more attractive looking gum contour.
As a result of laser sculpting, gummy smile sufferers see more of their teeth when they smile and less of their gums will be visible. We can also further improve the appearance of teeth by using composite bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns.
Skincity has the skill and experience in performing soft tissue laser sculpting and crown lengthening.

Having a beautiful smile is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it raises self-esteem, improves confidence and benefits mental health. If you're born with uneven gums, however, it might be more difficult than you'd expect to develop the confidence to smile. Fortunately, procedures such as cosmetic gum reshaping and contouring are possible thanks to modern dental technology.