Birth marks if present on face, other exposed areas can cause disfigurement, thus reducing the patient’s confidence, make them vulnerable for teasing at school and later also embarrassment at social gatherings.

Birth marks usually grow with age and if present near eyes/ mouth/ nose, birth marks can cause serious impairment in the functioning of these parts. So treating of certain birthmarks at the earliest age is very important for the child’s proper physical, emotional and social development.

Skin City is one of the few places in the world offering treatment for birth marks like Hairy Melanocytic Nevus, moles, Nevus of Ota, Becker’s nevus, Haemangioma, AV malformations, Verrucous Epidermal nevus and Nevus comedonecus.

Diode, LP NDYag, QswitchedNDYag, Pulse dye laser, the latest Dye VL technology, Ultra pulse fractional CO2 laser and LEO technology are a few of the latest tools in Skin City’s armamentarium to treat birth marks. Some laser birthmark treatments at Skin City have been appreciated in international conferences like EADV, WCOCD- Mexico, WCD and ADLAS-Malaysia etc.