Why carry the scars of the acne you had in teenage for the rest of your life? Acne scars can be treated effectively giving smoother appearance to facial skin.

SkinCity has the world’s most effective Ultrapulse Total FX laser technology for acne scars. The results of the treatment depends how much downtime one can afford.

ScarControl Express

This involves the world’s most effective acne scar correction elements i.e. Ultra pulse deep FX laser treatment, subcisioncollagenesis and scar shouldering. Three sessions of Scar Control Express at an interval of 2-3 months each will give the best possible results in most acne scar patients. However this requires a downtime of 3-5 days after each session and takes four weeks for color match.

Scar Control Subtle

This protocol aims at achieving acne scar flattening without any downtime. This combines ‘Trans Dermal’ RF collagenesis, subcisioncollagenesis and Helios II Fractional Qswitch pigment equalization. Six to eight sessions of Scar Control Subtle at monthly intervals gives significant acne scar flattening. Patients can resume their normal work one day after this treatment.