Body shaping clinic:

Body shape majorly affects your confidence. If you have bulging tummy, love handles, bulky thighs, you feel shy to go out for social occasions and get restricted to wear certain kind of clothes, eventually affecting your personal, social financial growth. At Skin City, we haven’t stopped at providing just world class skin, hair and cosmetic services but we are also offering body shaping services.

SkinCity’s Philosophy on slimming and shaping:

One needs to understand the difference between weight management and shape management.

Weight management needs to address diet planning, activity planning, lifestyle modification and stress management. Without these basic elements nobody should resort to short cuts of weight loss like crash dieting, weight loss tablets or surgeries. One needs to have a balanced status of hormones like Thyroid, Insulin and Sex hormones. Weight management requires considerable understanding by the patient and huge counselling efforts by the physician. Weight management is health management and life management.

Shape Management Though weight management gives a generally acceptable shape to certain parts of body, it tends to accumulate fat that is exercise non responsive and diet non responsive. Such areas need localized shaping treatments.

Medical shaping:

Treatment involves non invasive Lipolysis with HIFU Ultra sound and Accent non ablative radio frequency.

These high intensity ultrasound and radiofrequency waves mobilise fat cells, destroy them and facilitate their expulsion from body through lymphatic drainage.

These techniques especially give good results for facial fat reduction and recontouring the face.


  • Cryo = cold, lipo = fat, lysis = breakdown. It literally means fat breakdown through cold.
  • Many of us have stubborn fat we can’t seem to lose despite diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis targets and destroys only these fat cells through targeted cooling.
  • Fat cells are sensitive to low temperatures and get destroyed by apoptosis process after being exposed to cold probe of the machine.
  • The device safely targets the fat layer without affecting the overlying skin and slowly crystallizes the fat cell contents. During the following two months, the melted fat is gradually eliminated via natural metabolic processes.

What are the indications for cryolipolysis:

Small to moderately full fat bulges resistant to diet and exercise eg : tummy, waist, buttocks, thighs.

How is the procedure performed:

The probe of cryolipolysis machine is placed on the area to be treated, it sucks the stubborn fat by creating vaccum and then it is exposed to -8 degree celcius temperature.

The initial intense cold feeling gradually disappears because of the cold’s numbing effect.

Results are visible usually within two months.

  • Depending on the initial thickness of the fat pad, more than one treatment can be performed.
  • Because there are no needles, no injections and no drugs involved, there is no aftercare. Patients may drive home and resume all activities.

How many treatments? How often?

  • The treatments are performed 2 times per area spaced 3 months apart
  • Cryolipolysis can be associated to complementary treatments (cavitation, radiofrequency)

Injection lipolysis:

SkinCity was one of the first centers to practice injection Lipolysis ten years ago. The product injected which is standardized now as Lipodissolve and has US FDA approval is hence very safe.

In this procedure, injections are given directly in the stubborn fat patches followed by Cavitation Ultrasound or Cryolipolysis subsequently.

Skincity laser lipolysis:

Cavitation ultra sound and Cosmedico radio frequency combination for body shaping is the world’s most technically advanced and internationally accepted protocol for non-surgical body shaping. A series of 6 to 10 treatment sessions at interval of 15 days will give an excellent shape through lipolysis and skin firming in patients with localized fat deposit, near normal BMI and generally controlled weight. It is recommended for those who don’t qualify for the safe Lipo procedure. Skin City is the first to install radio frequency technology in India and the first centre to develop Ultra sound RF combination protocol.