Recruitment Process

"Making others beautiful is a science as well art. If you have mastered the science, we will teach you the art!

SkinCity, India's largest skin and hair restoration institute is committed to the mission of making people happy healthy and confident through innovative solutions in cosmetic Dermatology. We are looking for young talent to join this mission."

Screening of profile

We receive profiles through various sources. This can come either through a reference, a consultant or you can directly apply to us at There is a screening process to filter out the relevant profiles. The Skin City HR Executive shall get in touch with you for relevant openings.


These happen following the screening - one or two interviews with HR.

Customized technical test help us assess the right talent.


At the last stage, we take feedback about you from two individuals who have known you in a professional context. Remuneration finalization is done after this stage. We also conduct a professional background check once you have accepted the offer.